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8 Great Applications for Reclaimed Wood in Your Philadelphia Home

February 04, 2016

Philadelphia people love the appearance of reclaimed wood. It’s a fashionable way to repurpose weathered wood and, at the same time express your own distinctive style. Reclaimed wood products stand out whether on a wall, your cabinets, or – yes! – your windows. Want to know how you can best employ reclaimed wood? We‘ve got 8 superb ideas for you – each and every one applied to marvelous effect in Philadelphia homes.

1.Reclaimed Wood for Windows

Believe it! This is a first: reclaimed wood – that décor alternative you’ve long wanted to feature in your home – is now, at last, available to you as a beautiful window treatment. Sunburst Shutters now offers a plantation shutter made from reclaimed wood of the finest quality. As a matter of fact, Sunburst is the sole company offering reclaimed wood shutters in the Philadelphia area. We got our hands on the reclaimed wood you like and used it to engineer a louvered shutter that’s not only beautiful but functional.

Reclaimed wood shutters in Philadelphia 

Reclaimed wood can become the makings for a window treatment that’s wholly original. It makes a difference, certainly, that your reclaimed wood shutters are artistic accomplishments in their own right. And Sunburst makes sure they are. You’ll love their smooth, simple operation as well as their appearance. Tilt the louvers open to allow more light. And tilt them closed to enjoy fully the weathered look of reclaimed wood on your window. Don’t just take our word for it, though. There’s a good deal more to discover about reclaimed wood for windows in Philadelphia. Explore!

2. Walls of Reclaimed Wood

Bring the outside in with a reclaimed wood wall. Reclaimed wood paneling makes your wall distinctive and adds a casually convivial atmosphere to the room. No matter if you have a bookcase, fireplace, artwork, or TV to complement, a reclaimed wood wall will look beautiful behind it and produce precisely the effect you you desire.

3. Reclaimed Wood for Your Floor

Want to redo a floor in your house? Wood flooring of any kind can add warmth and coziness to a room, but flooring of reclaimed wood has an unparalleled beauty reflective of the time – typically decades – the wood has remained outdoors. Whether you’re a bona fide nature lover or someone who’s simply drawn to the appearance of weathered wood, you’ll be ecstatic about what a reclaimed wood floor can do to give your home a new lease on life.

4. Reclaimed Wood for Cabinets

On account of the greater availability of reclaimed wood, you couldn’t find a more opportune time to make over your kitchen cabinets. It’s the natural way to dress up your whole kitchen. Every panel of reclaimed wood tells an amazing tale – of long years hidden away in an old building, for instance, or in the crumbling structure of a barn or fence. And a small part of that narrative will remain in your reclaimed wood cabinets, coming to mind every time you see them.

5. Reclaimed Wood and Tables

A tabletop partially or completely made of reclaimed wood can add a contemporary, assuredly different ambiance to your dining room or home office. Match its wood tones with your décor scheme for a cohesive look that comforts you – as it blows your guests away!

6. Bookcases of Reclaimed Wood

Forget for a moment what other things we might hold dear about them, books make wonderful decorative pieces. Leather, vinyl, buckram, or paperbound books and those with colorful dust jackets look especially pleasing on a coffee or end table, on a bookshelf, or in a large bookcase. Their pleasant variety is both distinguished and harmonized in bookcases of real wood, too. And bookcases of reclaimed wood, because of their natural colors, knots, holes, scratches, and other traits, create a particularly unusual, one-of-a-kind furnishing.

7. Reclaimed Wood as a Frame

The soft-hued, natural look of reclaimed wood is ideal for picture frames. Use it to showcase your favorite artwork and most cherished photos in a most distinctive manner. Note also that frames of reclaimed wood can be put together in a variety of styles, so they’ll harmonize with practically any décor scheme.

8. Reclaimed Wood for a Headboard

Not much can revive the look of a bedroom like a smartly designed and constructed headboard. These days, when renovating, people are just as likely to rig a headboard to the wall behind their bed as they are to fix one directly to the bed itself. However you want it, a headboard constructed of reclaimed wood planking can be particularly beautiful. It’s natural tones and effects of weathering make it work for a wide range of styles, from antique to modern. With reclaimed wood, you’ll find you have no limits on your imagination to prevent you from creating the headboard that dreams are made of!

Find Your Inspiration in Reclaimed Wood

It’s our hope that we’ve inspired you with these 8 ideas for getting the most out of reclaimed wood. That said, we have so many other ideas to share – ideas that blend well with the reclaimed wood shutters only we provide in Philadelphia. Our staff would be delighted to show you samples of our shutters, answer your questions, and help you explore lots of other great design ideas. Contact us at 215-874-4897 to schedule your free in-home design consultation at your convenience!