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White shutters in a large modern white kitchen

Kitchen Shutters and Other Kitchen Window Treatments for Philadelphia

November 30, 2021

Choosing kitchen window treatments in Philadelphia isn’t always simple.  You need to find a product that speaks to your taste and manages light.  But, you also need to consider the humidity and heat from your cooking. Use the wrong window covering, and you get yellowing, warping, and stains from food splatters and steam.

Faux-wood plantation shutters are usually thought of as the preferred kitchen window treatments in Philadelphia. They are attractive, durable, and great at directing natural light. Some people will also recommend a lovely roller shade for minimalist designs, since they are easy to use when you want to open a kitchen window.

For Entertainers And Home Chefs, Faux Wood Kitchen Shutters In Philadelphia Are The Best Option

White polywood shutters in a kitchen. 

Polywood® shutters provide almost everything you could want in a kitchen window treatment in Philadelphia. These kitchen shutters work perfectly for home chefs and entertaining hosts because:
  • They are moisture-proof. A kitchen is a humid place. Simmering skillets, boiling pots, and running dishwashers create steam that can spell disaster for many window treatments in a kitchen. Polywood shutters are totally moisture-proof and can protect from the yellowing and warping from contact with steam.

  • They’re effortless to clean. Let's face the facts – your kitchen gets sticky. Greasy fingerprints and food splatters are painless to clean up from Polywood shutters. Just rub with a moist washcloth to get them spick and span and ready for guests.

  • They look amazing with all decor. The old adage says that all parties end in the kitchen. Fortunately, the neutral white of Polywood allows these kitchen shutters to blend into all kitchen styles. So whether you have a marble, Silestone, or butcher block countertop or black, white, natural wood cabinets, your window treatment will blend in perfectly.

  • They can redirect natural light perfectly. In a kitchen, natural light can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. For instance, you want some sunlight to wake you up each morning, but there's some glare from the rising sun. With an interior shutter, you are able to move the louvers and redirect the light, so it shines in without blinding you.

Roller Shades Add A LittleSimplicity To Your Philadelphia Kitchen Window Treatments

Roller shade above a kitchen sink. 

Although interior shutters are the top option for your Philadelphia kitchen window treatment, they aren’t the only covering that works. Many Philadelphia residents prefer a plain roller shade to complete their kitchen.

Roller shades can have some advantages that other kitchen window treatments don’t. For instance, they hang close to the window and are easy to operate. Simply give them a tug, and they'll go up and down effortlessly. You can adjust them to any level to stop glare but also keep some sunlight. And you can get a cordless style, so don't worry about anything dangling down into the sink when you're washing the dishes.

But usually, people get roller shades because of the number of patterns and colors available. If you have a generally monochromatic kitchen decked out with whites and greys, you can choose a striking red or rich green - maybe a hue to coordinate with your kitchen table linens. If you have dark or black cabinets, you can choose a lighter color or perhaps a sheer fabric that lets in a little light when closed.

The Kitchen Of Your Dreams Isn’t Complete If You’re Missing The Best Window Treatments

Count on roller shades and Polywood shutters if you want unparalleled Philadelphia kitchen window treatments. Sunburst Shutters Philadelphia can assist you in choosing the perfect window covering and then custom make them to fit your windows perfectly. Call us at 215-874-4897 or submit the form below to request an in-home consultation.