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Philadelphia Coastal Window Treatment Recommendations

September 26, 2017

Owning a home in a coastal region like Philadelphia means that how you plan your home design may vary from homes in other parts of Pennsylvania. Not only do coastal homes around here have a distinct style, but homes here can also have a few aspects that other homes might not have – even when it comes to window coverings in Philadelphia homes.

Philadelphia Pennsylvania shutters in living room
Here’s what you’re able to do with your window treatments to make your coastal home look incredible.

Preserve Your Views – And Your Privacy

Homes near the Philadelphia coast have some of the most beautiful views of any Pennsylvania home, and even though you’d love to have your windows clear all day long, you also need to think about your privacy. Thin blinds or draperies might be all the rage in a few homes, but they’ll also let any random passersby see into your home.

Instead, choose a window treatment with more versatility like plantation shutters, which give you tons of flexibility on maintaining your privacy as well as your views. The movable louvers offer an entire spectrum of visibility, and the actual shutters can swing open or closed, so you can adjust at various hours of the day or just based on your mood.


Don’t Let Salty Air Affect Your Window Treatments

Living near the Pennsylvania coast means you’re accustomed to the salty air from the ocean. Salty air can cause rust on your vehicle, corrosion on metal patio furniture, and damage on your window treatments and windows.

Plantation shutters in Philadelphia beach home
For long-lasting functionality and looks, you want a window treatment that doesn’t retain moisture. Think faux wood, whether that means faux wood blinds or faux wood plantation shutters. Both can shrug off moisture, keeping your window treatment and frame free from mildew, corrosion, and musty scents.

Keep Your Space and Your Options Open

The ocean air isn’t all bad, however. One of the best feelings in Philadelphia homes is opening up the windows to let that fresh open air come inside. To make it even better, you need a window treatment that won’t sway or blow wildly in the air. Say no to light drapes or curtains that dangle from a rod, and depending on how windy your area gets, blinds may even be a bad idea. Rather, look for a more secure window treatment, such as shutters.

Philadelphia living room shutters

Also keep in mind how your home design might change over the next few years. Philadelphia interior design trends can change fairly often, and going with a versatile window covering can help you keep up with trends. Some window treatments that will stand the test of time better than others include:

  • Solid white interior shutters

  • Earth tone roller shades

  • Faux wood blinds in solid or wood colors

Spruce Up Your Coastal Home

For more help preventing damage from salty ocean air, staying up to date on home design, or maintaining your beautiful Philadelphia coast views, we can help. Get in touch by calling 215-874-4897 or use the free consultation request form below. Get the inside of your home looking even more beautiful than the views outside.