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Philadelphia Home Fashion: Windows Make a Home

July 09, 2018

When you think about renovating, redesigning, or just refreshing the looks of your Philadelphia home, what’s on your list?

New flooring? Brand-new furniture? Even new appliances or cabinets and finish?

What if we told you that you could make a bigger impact on a smaller budget by focusing on something else?

What you need to focus on first in your Philadelphia home design is your windows and window treatments. We’ll show you why.

Natural Light Is Key

We can’t say enough about how big a part natural light plays in how your space looks and feels. The more light that comes inside, the more your space can look washed out and faded, no matter what colors you’re using. Too little light, and it might look drab and dim, making all your work pointless.

To complicate things, the amount of light and the angle of the sun will change throughout the day, so there’s never going to be one constant level of light throughout the day.

To fight against this, put in window treatments that can be adjusted easily and quickly. The best choices for that are roller shades or plantation shutters.

Philadelphia dining room design

Windows Will Influence Other Parts Of Your Interior Design

You can reposition furniture. You can move lighting (usually). You can even take out parts of walls when you renovate. But windows are almost always there for good, unless you’ve got a lot of time and money to spend.

The best thing to do is first decide what role you want your windows to play, and then plan your design around that. Do you want your big windows to be the focal center of the room? Open up the space around the window and put in a window treatment with stunning, bright colors to grab attention. Maybe you’d rather the windows be an accent that highlights other things in the room? In that case, choose something like stunning white Polywood shutters to guide eyes across the room.

Philadelphia dining room concept

No matter your preference, start your plan with the windows, and work from there.

Windows Are The Eyes Of The Home

It’s probably a cliche to call windows “the eyes of the home,” but there's a lot of truth in it as well. Day or night, the eyes of people walking or driving by are naturally going to be guided to the windows.

Philadelphia exterior window shutter 
Use that to your advantage by choosing window treatments that accentuate your windows and your home. Here are a few ways you can do that:
  • Interior shutters - The bright louvers and clean lines of shutters will actually make your window look larger than other choices.

  • Accent drapes - Drapes that accent the top corners of your window can help create a gorgeous silhouette when the sun goes down and your lights are on indoors.

  • Luxury roller shades - Patterned or bold colored roller shades drawn partway down your window can add some flair to an otherwise neutral home exterior.

Start With the Windows, Finish With a Beautiful Home

So if you’re planning a fresh look for your home, windows need to be one of your priorities. When you’re ready, Sunburst Philadelphia can help. Give us a call at 215-874-4897 or use the form below to get your free in-home estimate at your own leisure.