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White Polywood shutters on large windows in a great room

What To Think About When Choosing Great Room Window Treatments In Philadelphia

November 09, 2023

Your great room is a large open space that serves many purposes. When you’re looking for great room window treatments in Philadelphia, what you select should be suitable for how the space is used and the quantity of light it gets. You should consider treatments that make it simple to change from light to darkness, keep your windows insulated, are child- and pet-friendly, and look fantastic with your room’s design. You’ll come across many great room window treatments for sale, from adaptable Polywood® plantation shutters to a range of stylish window shades.

Select Window Treatments That Manage Light

White motorized shades on a wall of tall great room windows
Many things happen in your great room. In a 24-hour period, you might read a story, take a siesta on the sectional, help your children finish homework, watch your preferred TV show, and more. Each activity calls for a different level of exterior light, so you should get window treatments that are a breeze to adapt.

Time-tested Polywood interior shutters are uncomplicated to adjust and give you the most possibilities for managing outside light. Swing open the panels for total sunshine when reading. Sun rays in your face? Shut the panels, but keep the louvers open and tilt them to a position that sends light away from your face. For darkness and privacy during a family movie extravaganza, close up the panels and louvers to block street lights. Even during daylight hours, Polywood shutters eliminate all but the smallest glow of light as a result of their impermeable material and top-notch construction.

Motorized window shades make controlling light simple. With the push of a button, you can move motorized shades to remove glare from your TV screen without leaving the sofa. Or, program your smart motorized shades to go up and let in sunshine and then automatically shut for privacy at night.

Keep Your Space Comfortable With Insulating Window Treatments

Polywood shutters on multiple windows in a sitting area

A great room is a substantial open space that may require a good deal of energy to cool in warmer months and heat in the wintertime. You can give your furnace and A/C a respite with by using insulating window treatments. They will impede hot UV rays and chilly drafts. You can choose energy-saving cellular shades to stop most temperature transfer. But keep in mind, Polywood shutters are the most efficient great room window treatments in Philadelphia. The shutter frame prohibits air and sunlight from sneaking in around the border of your windows, and the louvers close securely to prevent temperature transfer on the warmest days and most frigid nights.

Keep Your Great Room Window Treatments Longer With Durable Polywood

Polywood shutters on multiple windows in a sitting area

With so much taking place in your great room, you need window treatments that can stand up to all types of wear and tear. Resilient Polywood shutters aren’t susceptible to damage from wet conditions, temperature extremes, pests, and exterior light. They won’t twist or snap when busy kids hit them. Pets can’t yank them off the window. And even if your new puppy chews up a louver, it’s a breeze to request a replacement part. Curtains and window shades just aren’t on the same level in terms of resilience and longevity!

Match Your Great Room Window Treatments To Your Interior

White Polywood shutters on windows behind a white sofa

Any element you add to your home should go with your existing decor. This includes your great room window treatments. You can find roller shades in a plethora of colors and patterns. Or, match wood interior shutters to wood aspects in your great room. You might also choose adaptable white Polywood shutters that seamlessly coordinate with all kinds of interior design.

Consult With Sunburst For Great Room Window Treatments In Philadelphia

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