What Window Treatments Make Your Home Look Even Better From Outdoors?

Holly Perron

As a smart Philadelphia homeowner, you decide on your window treatments based on how they look inside your home. But have you given any attention to which window treatments look best from the other side of your windows, and which ones increase your home’s curb appeal?

These are our best picks for window treatments that look best from outdoors.

Plantation Shutters Give You Curb Appeal

Shutters are perfect for maximizing curb appeal because they’re so easy to see from outside. With their crisp, solid geometry and pronounced louvers, shutters “pop” more than other window treatments, and can accentuate just about any style of house. With the bright whites from Polywood® plantation shutters or beautifully rustic looks of Ovation® wood shutters, they can be a great counterpoint to any kind of siding, from brick siding to shingle siding and beyond.

Philadelphia shutters home outside

Shutters can also help give you a uniform look across all your windows. Mismatched window treatments on one side of the house can result in48 a messy look, so being able to coordinate the window treatments across all those windows is a huge boon. Shutters can be custom made to fit any style and size of window, so you can get a coordinated, uniform look no matter what.

Finally, shutters are incredibly durable and low-maintenance, so you’ll never have to worry about them looking shoddy, wrinkled or dirty in the window like you might with a fabric window treatment.

Exterior shutters Philadelphia home 

Shades Open Up Your Color Palette

Although they don’t offer the same “pop” as shutters do, the biggest things shades have on their side are their clean, solid look and ability to color match. If you have an incredibly specific color combo in mind that you want to adhere to across your house – shades are probably going to be your best bet. With nearly endless options in colors and patterns, shades are a do-it-all window treatment.

Remember that shades need a bit more maintenance to keep their pristine looks. As time passes, they can wrinkle, crease, wash out, meaning all of their appeal goes away. Also be aware of how silhouettes will cast on them in the evening when your inside lights are on.

Increase Your Curb Appeal With New Window Treatments

If you’re ready to add to both the inside and outside appeal of your home with shutters, drapes or shades, give us a call today at 215-874-4897. We’ll walk you through all of your options, and help you find great looking window treatments.